Fairytales, folktales and fables for kids

The magic of fairy tales is irresistible, and there’s no kid on Earth who minds a lavish bedtime story. That incredible fantasy world attracts both children and adults. So take a chance to get carried away with our fascinating folktales and fables. We’ve taken every step to collect the world’s best illustrated kid stories. They’ve been carefully selected to help readers of all ages understand the true meaning of love, devotion, bravery, and kindness.

Educational and Inspiring Stories for Children

Heart touching inspirational stories for kids are what you need to teach them to be good. But when it comes to right and wrong, educational stories don’t have to be sad or boring. There’re lots of famous fairy tales which aren’t confusing. They’re interesting, and they teach kids the moral values in a simple way that’s easy to understand.

We’re glad to introduce our list of the original folk tales, including outstanding works of H.C. Andersen, the Grimm Brothers, C. Perrault, J. Jacobs and many others. Here at our website, you’ll find a selection of the most popular fairy tales from around the globe. They may not be your average well known German, French and English stories, but don’t be afraid to read them to your children. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Folk Tales Not Just for Little Kids

Inside every adult is a heart of a child, a part that still believes in fairy tales. We love them so much, no matter how old we are, because they make us feel happy, make us dream and believe in better days. In a noisy, crowded city, our lives are becoming more hectic by the minute. That’s why we need those fairy tale stories, great Aesop’s fables and other brilliant pieces of literature, which can help us take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Children fairy tales are truth-seeking stories which don’t let us lose sight of what’s important in our lives.

In fairy tales for kids, there’re only truth and honesty that matter. But there’s always a place for magic, spells, and mythic creatures. If you want to move beyond the limits of reality, read the best fairy tales that we’ve carefully collected over the last years. We can assure you our stories will give you as much pleasure and joy as they give your children.

Fairy Tales with Gorgeous Illustrations

Our folk and fairy tales come with a set of beautiful illustrations – all in full color. Even if your child struggles with reading, our magnificent fairy tale illustrations are something no one can resist. Children will feast their eyes on them and discover the joy of reading. Also any tale becomes much easier to read and understand with pictures, which can help increase kid’s reading comprehension.

We’re pretty sure that lovely pictures are what bring any story to life. It’s a real painter, not an average children books illustrator, who created incredible pictures for each and every tale. So our fairy tales and fables not just give kids lessons in morals but also help them take a step into the world of art.

Andrew Lang’s Fairy BooksFrench fairy tales

The Yellow Dwarf

Once upon a time there lived a queen who had been the mother of a great many children, and of them all only one daughter was left. But then she was worth at least a thousand. Her mother, who, since the death of the King, her father, had nothing in…

Andrew Lang’s Fairy BooksSpanish fairy tale

The White Slipper

Once upon a time there lived a king who had a daughter just fifteen years old. And what a daughter! Even the mothers who had daughters of their own could not help allowing that the princess was much more beautiful and graceful than any of them; and, as for the…

Andrew Lang’s Fairy BooksFrench fairy tales

The White Doe

Once upon a time there lived a king and queen who loved each other dearly, and would have been perfectly happy if they had only had a little son or daughter to play with. They never talked about it, and always pretended that there was nothing in the world to…

Andrew Lang’s Fairy BooksFrench fairy tales

The Wonderful Sheep

Once upon a time–in the days when the fairies lived– there was a king who had three daughters, who were all young, and clever, and beautiful; but the youngest of the three, who was called Miranda, was the prettiest and the most beloved. The King, her father, gave her more…

Andrew Lang’s Fairy BooksSlavic fairy tale

Unlooked-For Prince

A long time ago there lived a king and queen who had no children, although they both wished very much for a little son. They tried not to let each other see how unhappy they were, and pretended to take pleasure in hunting and hawking and all sorts of other…

Golden Collections of Classic Tales

The best fairy tales collected by famous storytellers can be found at our website. Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Evil Queen, Cinderella and Rapunzel – just a few characters from our exceptional collection of classic fairy tales adapted and written by the greatest authors of all time. And if you once get bored with happily-ever-after endings, we have an amazing selection of educational fables in store.

Brilliant pieces of literature we’ve carefully selected are as follows:

- La Fontaine’s fables;
- Charles Perrault’s tales;
- Hans Christian Andersen’s romantic stories;
- Brothers Grimm’s fairytales;
- Aesop’s fables, etc.

The wit and wisdom of these classic fables and stories are undeniable. All these charming pieces of literature will bring an elegant antique touch to your cozy evenings in the family circle. You and your children will really enjoy reading beautifully illustrated stories, creating a magnificently magical atmosphere.

The Glory of Dreaming

Lots of people consider fairy and folk tales to be something from the childhood, something sweet that kept us entertained and helped us fall asleep. But those stories are much more important and powerful than we think. Fascinating stories, such as “Hansel and Gretel” fairy tale or “Little Red Riding Hood”, are something that still can make us dream while reading. It gives us relief to know that good and evil are always in balance.

And after reading fairy tales, we start dreaming as children, but our dreams become more, let’s say, realistic. So they keep us moving towards our goals with a thought that anything’s possible when you wish hard enough. And that’s the irresistible psychology of folk tales we need in our lives at every age.