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Andrew Lang’s Fairy BooksItalian fairy tale

The Ogre

There lived, once upon a time, in the land of Marigliano, a poor woman called Masella, who had six pretty daughters, all as upright as young fir-trees, and an only son called Antonio, who was so simple as to be almost an idiot. Hardly a day passed without his mother…

Andrew Lang’s Fairy BooksFinnish fairy tale

The Raspberry Worm

‘Phew!’ cried Lisa. ‘Ugh!’ cried Aina. ‘What now?’ cried the big sister. ‘A worm!’ cried Lisa. ‘On the raspberry!’ cried Aina. ‘Kill it!’ cried Otto. ‘What a fuss over a poor little worm!’ said the big sister scornfully. ‘Yes, when we had cleaned the raspberries so carefully,’ said Lisa. ‘It…

Andrew Lang’s Fairy BooksFrench fairy tales

The Satin Surgeon

Once upon a time there was a very rich and powerful king who, in spite of having been married several times, had only two daughters. The elder was extremely plain — she squinted and was hunchbacked; but at the same time she was very clever and amusing, so, though at…

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