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African fairy taleAndrew Lang’s Fairy Books

Father Grumbler

Once upon a time there lived a man who had nearly as many children as there were sparrows in the garden. He had to work very hard all day to get them enough to eat, and was often tired and cross, and abused everything and everybody, so that people called…

Andrew Lang’s Fairy BooksFrench fairy tales

Gracioa and Percinet

Once upon a time there lived a King and Queen who had one charming daughter. She was so graceful and pretty and clever that she was called Graciosa, and the Queen was so fond of her that she could think of nothing else. Everyday she gave the Princess a lovely…

Andrew Lang’s Fairy BooksIndian fairy tales

Grasp All, Lose All

Once, in former times, there lived in a certain city in India a poor oil-seller, called Déna, who never could keep any money in his pockets; and when this story begins he had borrowed from a banker, of the name of Lena, the sum of one hundred rupees; which, with…

Andrew Lang’s Fairy BooksIcelandic fairy tales


Once upon a time there lived two peasants who had three daughters, and, as generally happens, the youngest was the most beautiful and the best tempered, and when her sisters wanted to go out she was always ready to stay at home and do their work. Years passed quickly with…

Andrew Lang’s Fairy BooksArmenian fairy tale

He Wins Who Waits

Once upon a time there reigned a king who had an only daughter. The girl had been spoiled by everybody from her birth, and, besides being beautiful, was clever and wilful, and when she grew old enough to be married she refused to have anything to say to the prince…

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