Charles Perrault

Charles Perrault was an outstanding French author and talented poet, a member of the Académie Française and a charming man who gave the world so many beautiful stories. Charles Perrault’s fairy tales are still most loved and adored both by children and adults. His stories are masterly adapted from European folktales and still remain mesmerizing, no matter how many times you’ve read them before. Charles Perrault managed to create a brand new artistic works based solemnly on folk stories. Fairy tales are now considered to be proper literary works – and it’s all thanks to the eminent collector of French tales.

The Ultimate List of Charles Perrault’s Fairy Tales

Our amazing collection of Charles Perrault’s stories includes lots of tales first published in France in 1697. That book went by the title “Tales of Mother Goose” and became unbelievably popular. We’ve selected stories that are most wonderful, magnificent and inspiring, and they are as follows:

• “Little Red Riding Hood”;
• “Cinderella”;
• “Puss in Boots”;
• “Little Thumb”;
• “The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods”;
• “Blue Beard” and many others.

Did you know that rather than let the world find out he’d done such a remarkable job, Charles Perrault published his book under the name of his son Pierre Darmancour? It may be shocking nowadays that he was really embarrassed by his book. Trying to keep his secret, the collector of fairy tales even went to another publisher. That’s how public opinion really works oppressing even leading intellectuals of their times.
Luckily for us, no one can hide from the truth. So nowadays Charles Perrault is knows as one of the worlds’ best writers of fairytales. Our full list of Charles Perrault’s fairy tales includes short magical stories written with masterly skill. All of them are appropriate for kids of all ages and help them learn about right and wrong.

Charles Perrault’s Selected Stories

Perrault’s literature legacy is priceless and far beyond compare. And we’ve made it even more fascinating with our beautifully painted illustrations. This Charles Perrault’s stories list consists of the best pieces of literature – literary gems which will adorn your evenings. Read them with your kids and enjoy every minute spent in a faraway magic world created by the one and only master of fairytale writing of the 17th Century.

Charles Perrault

Blue Beard

Once upon a time there was a man who had fine houses, both in town and country, a deal of silver and gold plate, carved furniture, and coaches gilded all over. But unhappily this man had a blue beard, which made him so ugly and so terrible that all the…

Charles Perrault

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there lived in a certain village a little country girl, the prettiest creature was ever seen. Her mother was excessively fond of her; and her grandmother doted on her still more. This good woman had made for her a little red riding-hood; which became the girl…

Charles Perrault

Little Thumb

Once upon a time there was a maker of bundles of sticks and his wife, who had seven children, all boys. The eldest was but ten years old, and the youngest only seven. They were very poor, and their seven children were a great source of trouble to them because…

Charles Perrault

Princess Rosette

Once upon a time there lived a King and Queen who had two handsome boys; so well-fed and hearty were they, that they grew like the day. Whenever the Queen had a child, she sent for the fairies, that she might learn from them what would be its future lot.…

Charles Perrault

Riquet with the Tuft

Once upon a time there was a Queen who had a son so ugly and so misshapen that it was long disputed whether he had human form. A fairy who was at his birth said, however, that he would be very amiable for all that, since he would have uncommon…

Charles Perrault

The Fairies (also known as Diamonds and Toads)

Once upon a time there was a widow who had two daughters. The elder was so much like her, both in looks and character, that whoever saw the daughter saw the mother. They were both so disagreeable and so proud that there was no living with them. The younger, who…

Charles Perrault

The Master Cat, or Puss in Boots

Once upon a time there was a miller who left no more riches to the three sons he had than his mill, his donkey, and his cat. The division was soon made. Neither the lawyer nor the attorney was sent for. They would soon have eaten up all the poor…