German fairy tales

Germany is a country with one of the richest folklore traditions in Europe. Local arts and literature have been maintained for ages, and German fairy tales have been doing the rounds since time immemorial. Grimm brothers, Andrew Lang and many other remarkable folklore researchers saved lots of great characters from fading into oblivion. Rapunzel, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood were given new prominence by those wonderful writers.

And we’re glad to present to you our exquisite collection of literature gems. Here’s a list of German fairy tales consisting of hundreds of stories. But don’t get confused by too many options. We’ve selected best tales, and all of them are worth reading. To make your choice easier, we’ve provided every story with beautifully painted illustrations. Come sink into the mysterious world of princesses, fairies, witches, goblins and monsters, involving adventures and inexpressible enchantment!

Old German Fairy Tales: Best of the Best

What are the best fairy tales ever written? This German fairy tales list includes some classic, fascinating stories both for children and adults. Some are based on German folklore, and some are created by outstanding writers themselves. The stories may be sweet or dark, some are scary, and the others are all about happily-ever-afters. But anyway they all have something in common: they’ll keep you hooked until the very end.

Our website is a primary source for great German folk tales and stories, such as:

 – “Doctor All-Wise”;
 – “Holiday Adventures”;
 – “Little One-Eye, Little Two-Eyes, and Little Tree-Eyes”;
 – “The Marvelous Musician”;
 – “The Three Dogs” and many others.

Good old German fairy tales are a pathway to the dream world where you can hide from daily problems. But don’t forget to take your kids there with you – our stories are educational, entertaining and really good for your children’s bedtime routine.

Irresistible Magnificence of German Folk Tales

German folk stories have so much in common with the British and Swedish folklore due to their origins. But the beauty of German fairy tales is in romanticism of described nature, forests, magic ponds and lakes. And the stories also have such a clear, self-explanatory idea: kindness, bravery and honesty are rewarded, while evil always finds its punishment. Enjoy our list of German folk tales with your whole family!

German fairy tales

Brother Merry

In days of yore there was a war, and when it was at an end a great number of the soldiers that had been engaged in it were disbanded. Among the rest Brother Merry received his discharge, and nothing more for all he had done than a very little loaf…

German fairy tales

Doctor All-Wise

There was a poor peasant, named Crab, who once drove two oxen, with a load of wood, into the city, and there sold it for two dollars to a doctor. The doctor counted out the money to him as he sat at dinner, and the peasant, seeing how well he…

German fairy tales


By the side of the “Beautiful Doorway,” leading into the cloisters of the cathedral at Mainz, stands, worked into the wall, a fragment of the tomb of Fastrada, the fourth wife of the mighty monarch Charlemagne according to some authorities, the third according to others. Fastrada figures in the following…

German fairy tales

Gaffer Death

There was once a poor man who had twelve children, and he was obliged to labour day and night that he might earn food for them. When at length, as it so happened, a thirteenth came into the world, the poor man did not know how to help himself, so…

German fairy tales

Hans in Luck

Hans had served his master seven years, and at last said to him— “Master, my time is up; I should like to go home and see my mother, so give me my wages.” And the master said— “You have been a faithful and good servant, so your pay shall be…

German fairy tales

Hans Jagenteufel

It is commonly believed that if any person is guilty of a crime for which he deserves to lose his head, he will, if he escape punishment during his lifetime, be condemned after his death to wander about with his head under his arm. In the year 1644 a woman…

German fairy tales

Holiday adventures

PART I O it was so hot, so hot; the earth was well-nigh parched up, and moreover the use of water was restricted in the town where the children lived. The flowers in the little garden were drooping for want of moisture, and the trees began to shed their leaves…

Andrew Lang’s Fairy BooksGerman fairy tales

Jack My Hedgehog

There was once a farmer who lived in great comfort. He had both lands and money, but, though he was so well off, one thing was wanting to complete his happiness; he had no children. Many and many a time, when he met other farmers at the nearest market town,…

German fairy tales

Käthchen and the Kobold

Half-way up the long steep hill that leads from Soden to Königstein, a rough road branches off to the left, plunging suddenly into a valley, and passing through the little village of Altenhain. As you walk down this steep rocky incline, the Taunus Mountains rise up grand and high in…

German fairy tales

King Reinhold

There are villages in the heart of the Taunus Mountains that are little altered by this progressive age; no railway, not even the post-chaise reaches them, and motor-cars are only to be seen as they whirr past occasionally on the high road. Such a village is Elhalten; it lies in…

German fairy tales

Peter Klaus

Peter Klaus, a goatherd of Sittendorf, who tended herds on the Kyffhauser mountain, used to let them rest of an evening in a spot surrounded by an old wall, where he always counted them to see if they were all right. For some days he noticed that one of his…

Andrew Lang’s Fairy BooksGerman fairy tales


There was once upon a time a poor woman who had one little daughter called ‘Parsley.’ She was so called because she liked eating parsley better than any other food, indeed she would hardly eat anything else. Her poor mother hadn’t enough money always to be buying parsley for her,…

Andrew Lang’s Fairy BooksGerman fairy tales


There was once upon a time a poor miller who had a very beautiful daughter. Now it happened one day that he had an audience with the King, and in order to appear a person of some importance he told him that he had a daughter who could spin straw…

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