Indian fairy tales

Indian fairy tales

The Wonderful Mango Fruit

Fourth Part The night was now over: darkness, the harbourer of vice, fled away; the day dawned. King Alakesa left his bedchamber, bathed and made his religious ablutions, and, after breakfasting, summoned a council of all his father’s old ministers and advisers. Alakesa took his seat in the midst of…

Indian fairy tales

The Wonderful Ring

Once upon a time there lived a King who had two sons, and when he died he left them all his treasures; but the younger brother began to squander it all so lavishly that the elder said, ‘Let us divide what there is, and do you take your own share,…

Indian fairy tales

The Wrestlers: A Story of Heroes

There was, once upon a time, long ago, a wrestler living in a far country, who, hearing there was a mighty man in India, determined to have a fall with him; so, tying up ten thousand pounds weight of flour in his blanket, he put the bundle on his head…

Indian fairy tales

Valiant Vicky, the Brave Warrior

Once upon a time there lived a little weaver, by name Victor Prince, but because his head was big, his legs thin, and he was altogether small, and weak, and ridiculous, his neighbours called him Vicky—Little Vicky the Weaver. But despite his size, his thin legs, and his ridiculous appearance,…

Indian fairy tales

Why Brahmans Cannot Eat in the Dark

Among Hindûs, especially among Brâhmaṇs of the Madras Presidency—and I now see from personal observation that it is the same in the Bombay Presidency also—there is a custom, while taking their meals, of leaving their food uneaten when it so happens that from any cause the light is blown out.…

Indian fairy talesJoseph Jacobs

Why the Fish Laughed

As a certain fisherwoman passed by a palace crying her fish, the queen appeared at one of the windows and beckoned her to come near and show what she had. At that moment a very big fish jumped about in the bottom of the basket. “Is it a he or…

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